At Cornerstone Realtors we have 4 large storage garages filled with furniture and staging items. As part of our normal Real Estate and Design services we will enhance your home prior to listing to maximize its unique features. Proper staging allows Buyers to get a better sense of the home. We feel buying a home or condo is divided into 3 parts. Each purchase or sale is a blending of Financial, Practical & Emotional needs. 

For Sellers we stay true to your home’s essence. We focus on organizing the space, enhancing function while adding a touch of whimsy or style. We aim to narrow the gap between Buyer and Seller. We maximize sale prices while giving Buyers a true value.

No matter where you live, your home does more than just protect you from the elements, it can create a mood each day energizing your life and career. 

Contact Mary Beth Waite for more information 414-213-5055