Why We're Unique

"One Family at a Time"


At Cornerstone Realtors we put people first.
Each Buyer, Seller, Landlord or Renter gets impeccable service. “One family at a time” means we designate a tremendous amount of time to each person we help.  We know moving is challenging. We come into people’s lives at major transition points. We cross paths when families experience births, deaths, job changes, marriage or divorce.  These are life’s major stress points and our entire business is designed to cradle families through these changes.

We strive to connect every Client or Customer with things they are passionate about.
Friends are the foundation upon which we build a successful and content life. At Cornerstone we connect people. We help them find the best schools, the best grocery stores, the best dry cleaner. If they love tennis, we get them to the best clubs. If they love sailing, we help them get involved with the Milwaukee Community Sailing Center. If they need to refresh a property, we share our treasured list of construction firms that will guide them through the renovation and/or update process. Above all, we are always just a phone call away. We connect people and along the way… we sell real estate.

Our Agents are present at every showing! 
We sell, not just list properties. We believe being present at the showings allows us to add layers of value to every property we sell. Buyers get immediate, accurate information which allows them to bring an offer to the table faster. It also allows us to give Buyer feedback to all our Sellers immediately after showings which helps them be more nimble and responsive to market conditions.

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Information is key… research, research, research!
Cornerstone Agents try to marry each family with the right property. That means we spend a great deal of time really listening to our clients and customers to hone in on the right geographic area, the right home layout, the right design. We specialize in Pre & Post closing renovation project management and include staging services for families that need to relocate out of the community quickly.  Each Agent is constantly reviewing community sales statistics so we can effectively translate market velocity and pricing. Because of this detail, Cornerstone clients consistently maximize profits when they sell.